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  We're talking historical simulations here (okay, wargames if you will) and other pursuits of combative competition including boardgaming conventions. We're not talking Monopoly.   (Updated 03/11/08)

The Next Scientific Revolution
  Brother, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Unleash the heretics.   (Updated 3/14/07.)

  Fed up with the Demopublicans and their politics of plunder?  Go here for the civilized alternative.   (Updated 9/18/05.)

Nuclear Analysis and Fuel -- Then and Now
   He with the most nukes wins!   (Updated 3/20/07).

NAVCOMMSTA Imperial Beach circa 1973
   Join Commodore Don for a nostalgic trip down memory lane for all ditty-chasers.   (Added 12/12/07)