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The Home Front
  Of interest to friends and kin of the Younkin-Miller clan.  Includes the Duchess Christmas Letters.  If you're not sure where to find what you're looking for on this website, chances are it's buried here, somewhere in the Home Front.   (Updated 10/09/10)

  If you don't know the meaning of the acronym STHS, you probably have no interest in going here.  Okay, STHS stands for Susquehanna Township High School.   (Updated 5/22/12)

Art and Theatre
   Sets, lighting designs and photography by Derek along with the Miller-Younkin Art Gallery.   This is where the high brow stuff will be found.
"All the world's a stage...or a canvas."   (Updated 01/12/07)

The Solar Guard and the Williamsburg Film Festival
   The Space Patrol, the Solar Guard, Space Rangers along with other childhood film heroes and heroines march on!  Hi ho Silver and up in the air, Junior Birdmen...   (Updated 5/11/11)

Pintsize Heroes
  The miniature universe of toy soldiers, Marx playsets, and their kin.  Remember, He with the most toys...   (Updated 11/03/09)

    An alert from your friendly Webmistress.
    The remaining subsites listed below are grouped on the navigation bar under the heading Mishmash.

  We're talking historical simulations here (okay, wargames if you will) and other pursuits of combative competition including boardgaming conventions. We're not talking Monopoly.   (Updated 5/11/11)

The Next Scientific Revolution
  Brother, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Unleash the heretics.   (Updated 3/14/07)

  Fed up with the Demopublicans and their politics of plunder?  Go here for the civilized alternative.   (Updated 9/18/05)

Nuclear Analysis and Fuel -- Then and Now
   He with the most nukes wins!   (Updated 3/20/07)

NAVCOMMSTA Imperial Beach circa 1973
   Join Commodore Don for a nostalgic trip down memory lane for all ditty-chasers.   (Added 12/12/07)

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