S-U-S Q-U-E H-A-N-N-A.

The politically incorrect Susquehanna Township High School Indian welcomes you to the Triangle Press STHS site.

Peggy Hummel Keiser...the one constant at STHS throughout all our years!

  Click here for details on how to obtain a DVD of digital scans of selected STHS Yearbooks!  (Added 11/08/08)

Before moving on to the Class of '64 Reunion and other stuff, first some links of possible interest important links:

STHS Class of 1964

Susquehanna Township School District

Susquehanna Township High School Alumni website

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And for those Progress Elementary Alumni who, like Jim, moved away for one dumb reason or another, here are a couple of recent pics of the old schools. (Stifle a tear or two as the building is the first photo has now been demolished.)

  invites you to lunch with fellow classmates at The Wharf.  (Added 5/22/12)

  invites you to party with fellow classmates at Kathy and Jerry's Pumpkin cottage retreat and more.  (Added 10/09/11)

  invites you to a tour of his Tampa home.  (Added 02/09/10)

The President
  welcomes you to the Class of 1964 Forty-fifth Class Reunion  (Updated 10/25/09)

The way we were.
  Jim (feeling no pain in '99) invites you to view old class and class reunion pictures of the Class of '64  (Updated 12/17/10)

"Who he?"
  This is a test. Can you identify these people from the 1974 Sisku-Hanne?  (Added 11/07/08)

"Who he?" Test # 2
  Did okay on the 1974 test? Then let's move on to the 1989 Sisku-Hanne.  
Bonus points if you can identify the guy at left. 
Is he 1) Attila the Hun, 2) Richard Gere, 3) Bozo the Clown, 4) or a distinguished STHS alumnus?   (Added 11/07/08)

Breakfast of Champions
  Steve invites you to recent Class of '64 Breakfast Gatherings which, for convenience, have now been gathered together in one place.  (Updated 5/30/08)

The Photo Gallery
  Dave begs his classmates to send in those photos, old or new, for posting in the gallery. (Replaces Shum's 60 birthday party and left-coast mini-reunion.)   (Add 02/28/08)

Automotive Extravaganza
  Jeff Roller's '91 Mustang GT (shown launching on the transbrake at 4200rpm) welcomes you to classic autos of the Class of '64.   (Updated 12/31/10)

Click here for the Class of '64 Reunion Pages

For some pictures from the Class of 68 Yearbook, go here

68 Yearbook pics

Party with the Class of '64 at their 60th Birthday Party