Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, to the time of rocket ships, ray guns and short skirts--er, space suits, to the time of

Carol Carlisle, daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets and no doubt the real reason why all the adolescent boys who watched Space Patrol in the early 50s wanted to join up!

Up in the air, Junior Birdmen!

Up in the air, upside down,
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen,
Keep your noses off the ground.
And when you hear the grand announcement
That their wings are made of tin.
Then you will know the Junior Birdmen
Have sent their box tops in.

En Garde
  The Masked Man, that is, the other Masked Man, welcomes you to the 2011 Williamsburg Film Festival and Solar Guard Reunion.  (Belately Added 5/14/11)

  It's the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Festival.  (Added 10/09/10)

  invites you to the 2010 Williamsburg Film Festival and Solar Guard Reunion.  (Added 10/09/10)

The Commander
  invites you the 2009 Williamsburg Film Festival and Solar Guard Reunion.  (Added 3/16/09)

Ride on the Terra V
  to view great computer graphics promoting the new book The Saucer Fleet by Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers. Created by Chris Krieg.  (Updated 3/17/09)

The Duke
  invites you the 2008 Williamsburg Film Festival and Solar Guard Reunion.  (Added 3/12/08)

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Coming sometime in the future, The Solar Patrol, the first in a series of the adventures of Tom Cobalt in the 24th century! So far six years in the making.

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