Pintsize Heroes
Enter the world of imagination--only 54 mm tall.
These pages are a loving tribute to Louis Marx, the Toy King.

Toy soldiers! Big imagination in a small size.

Achilles "the heel"
  invites you to view a retelling of the Iliad (Updated 12/02/2017)

The Sunday Comics
  Page 3.  Watch for future updates.   (Added 11/03/09)

The Sunday Comics
  Page 2.  (Added 10/18/09)

The Sunday Comics
  Page 1.  (Added 3/17/08)

Carnivores Past and Present
  Tyranosaurus Tex and Allosaurus fragilis  (Added 11/05/09)

The New Castle
  Robin Hood meets the Warlord along with bloodthirsty, smelly Frisians.   (Added 11/21/07)

The Arena
  Watch Obelix and Antonius the Tiger wreak havoc in the gladitorial games.   (Added 11/19/07)

Figure comparisons.  The Barzso Robin Hood figures compared with other makes.  (Added 11/23/09)

A sampling of 1/32 scale adventure.

The Wild West. Here's to Roy, Hoppy, Gene and all the rest.

Dragons, hobbits and other creatures of the imagination.

Knights, fair ladies and castles-- well, only one castle--but it's a big one.

Pictures of the pirate ship-- finally finished!

Mon dui. It's the French Foreign Legion!  March or die...or at least get a bad case of sunburn.

The Shores of Tripoli.  Pressley O'Bannon (and his fiddle) take on the scum of the Barbary Coast.

Gangsters and G-men  ...and molls. Did we mention molls?

The Marx space sets, updated to the 21st century!

And no toy soldier site would be complete without-- (insert drum roll here) Toy Soldiers!