Yearbook Offer

Lost your STHS yearbook? Wish you had copies of some of the other STHS yearbooks?
Can't remember what Jim looked like way back when? (See first pic below.)
Don't want to remember what Jim looks like today? (Too late, see other pic below.)

The "old" Jim and the "new" Jim, the new Jim actually being the old Jim.

Where was I? Anyway, we now have the following yearbooks and other STHS memobilia available on a DVD.

  • 1945 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1948 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1950 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1958 Sisku-Hanne (missing 2 pages)
  • 1959 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1960 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1962 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1963 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1964 Sisku-Hanne
  • 1974 Sisku-Hanne (missing 4 pages)
  • 1960 Bear Memories
  • 1961 Bear Memories
  • 1957 Progress Elementary Memory Book
  • Lots of issues of The Smoke Signal, the newsletter of the Susquehanna High School Alumni Association (constantly being updated with the latest issue)
  • along with some miscellaneous stuff

From time to time we hope to add additional yearbooks to this collection. For example, we have the 1943 and 1989 Sisku-Hannes, but have not yet scanned them.
Stay tuned for the latest updates.

By now you are no doubt asking yourself, "How do I get my copy of this fabulous DVD?"

Simply email Jim by clicking below

Click here to email Jim.

and provide your vital statistics (i.e., Name and Address), and Jim will get a DVD in the mail to you sometime within the next six months, tops. Act now, and this DVD can be yours for the special low price of $0.00, and in this economy that's a price hard to beat.